With more than 500 restaurants in the city and beyond, finding the right place to eat will never be a boring task in Huntsville, Alabama. From simple comfort food or an upscale fine-dining adventure, there is something for every hungry mouth here. Whether you are a resident of Huntsville or just visiting, here are some of the must-try places to eat in Huntsville, AL!

Ol’ Heidelberg

If your mouth is watering for authentic German food, you should head to Ol’ Heidelberg for the experience. This family-owned restaurant has been in the food business since 1972 and continues to offer delicious dishes backed with excellent service. It is regarded as the best restaurant for exquisite German food in the entire city. The place is complete with décor and music, and of course, their generous serving of sausage platters. Don’t sleep on their famous German chocolate cake to cap the dining experience.

Grille 29

Grille 29 is not an acclaimed dining spot for nothing. It offers a laid-back yet exquisite vibe, with its wide variety of food choices. This is the place to go for a casual yet classy dining opportunity. It has been awarded the “Huntsville Best Restaurant” many times before, and they continue to prove why they deserve the title. They will bring big servings of steaks, stuffed scallops, and chocolate peanut butter on your table for your satisfaction.

Rosie’s Mexican Cantina

If you are planning a party or just dining out with a large group of friends, head to Rosie’s Mexican Cantina for a sure-fire experience. They boast of a festive mood and mouth-watering delicacies such as the crowd’s favorite Southwestern ribs. You should not miss the chance to savor on their homemade tortillas and vegetarian meals, which they make with fresh ingredients. You can come with your children, and reservations are not necessary. If you don’t have time to dine in, they have a fast-food style on Whitesburg Drive.

Cotton Row

James Boyce is the father of Cotton Row and opened it back in 2008. Cotton Row has since become the top choice of many diners for a creative dining adventure. Cotton Row provides a wide selection of American cuisine while bringing an easy-going atmosphere. There are three dining areas in this cotton trader inspired restaurant—The Loft, the Cedar Pipe Cellar, and the Cotton Row Restaurant. James Boyce works closely with city farmers to create an innovative menu. Expect their menu to change now and then as they are greatly influenced by whatever is in season.

Clementine’s at the Garden

Get the best of nature and great food at Clementine’s at the Garden. You can choose from their extensive selection of salads, gourmet sandwiches, and soups served by their accommodating and friendly staff. There are five versions to their classic Clementine’s chicken salad, so make sure to try each one for your every visit. If you visit from April through September, you can experience their Thursday Evening Dinners event. You can also book Clementine’s for your catering needs. They have been serving mouth-watering food for more than two decades, with their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.

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